Merkava Holdings is the investment arm of the Philip E. Werthman Trust. Dr. Philip Werthman is a surgeon, military historian, venture capitalist, inventor and entrepreneur who is investing in and helping early and mid-stage companies grow. His extensive global network of physicians, scientists, businessmen, generals, and military leaders, athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, investors, sports and entertainment executives, and financiers combined with international high-level government relationships allow Dr. Werthman to assemble necessary infrastructure and relationships to grow companies, add value, and distribute products around the world.


To take an active or lead role in companies that have the potential to make a positive impact on humanity leveraging our unique set of skills and relationships that bring new technologies, platforms, and ideas together with the human resources and financing necessary to improve the quality of life globally.

At Merkava, we work on an amalgamation of three credos taken from the British Special Air Service, Israeli Air Force Special Operations Unit and US Navy Seals. “Those who dare, win”, “The hard things we do quickly and the impossible takes a bit longer” and “The only easy day was yesterday” We work by assessing risk and taking action when the reward seems well worth it. We will go around, above, and if necessary, through any obstacles and once we set an objective we will work tirelessly to achieve it.


Our focus is on venture stage companies in life sciences, biotech, high tech, wireless, pharma, CBD, software, aerospace, security and defense as well as real estate development and financing.

We target companies with some of the following qualities;

  • Platform technologies that will revolutionize the way problems are solved in biotech, aerospace, wireless communications and semiconductor microprocessing

  • Technologies that will aid in the early diagnosis and management of difficult to treat diseases

  • Pharmaceutical companies focused on organic, natural and healthier medicines and biocompounds

  • Real estate investments in mature projects or development in excellent growth locations acquired at attractive pricing

  • Companies where we can add value through our already existing strong international relationships, global financing and distribution networks.

Dr. Werthman brings his diverse background and business development skills to companies within and outside of the investment portfolio in an advisory or board capacity helping to unlock their potential.


The ARIA Network Announces Exclusive Deal to Provide AR Powered Consumer Experiences Across Brookfield Properties Malls
Brookfield Properties to use augmented reality as immersive experiences in all Brookfield Properties, reaching consumers in over 100 malls nationwide

ARIA Exchange Announces Exclusive Fan Engagement NFT Partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association
As part of its partnership with MLBPAA, ARIA Exchange will offer rare and unique NFTs to honor the significant contribution of baseball legends

Exclusive: Meet The ARIA Network, A New Media Company Seeking To Disrupt Advertising Via AR, NFTs And New Shoppable Experiences

CD Health Infrastructure Launches with First Acquisition, Targets National Roll-Up of Outpatient Medical Assets

GT Biopharma to be Added to the Russell 2000® Index

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GT Biopharma, Inc. (“GT Biopharma” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: GTBP), a clinical stage immuno-oncology company focused on developing innovative therapeutics based on the Company’s proprietary natural killer (NK) cell engager (TriKE™) protein biologic technology platform, today announced that it is set to be added to the Russell 2000® Index at the conclusion of the Russell US Indexes annual reconstitution, effective at the opening of the U.S.

Spinogenix Granted FDA Orphan Drug Designation for SPG302 for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Spinogenix Wins Grant to Advance Testing of Potential Oral ALS Therapy

Spinogenix Announces Grant by U.S. Department of Defense to Advance Novel Drug Candidate in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Gt biopharma announces fda data – gtb-3550 trike™ reduces cancer cells by 61.7% for a high-risk myelodysplastic syndromes (hr-mds) patient

GT Biopharma Announces TriKE™ For The Treatment Of Breast And GI Cancers

GT Biopharma Announces GTB-3550 TriKE(TM) Reduces Bone Marrow Blast Levels, Improves NK Cell Function and Proliferation, and No Toxicities Observed in AML and MDS Patients

Rithem Life Sciences Joins AHA’s Innovators’ Network

GT Biopharma Announces Selection of GTB-3550 Interim Results for Presentation at 62nd (ASH) American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting

GT Biopharma Announces Advisory Board Appointments

BolaWrap® Safely Restrains Suicidal Subject in Florida: Police Bodycam Footage Released

Lyniate and 4medica Announce Referral Partnership to Enhance Data Integrity and Interoperability

Urban Aeronautics signs deal with US-based Hatzolah Air to develop its flying ambulance

GT Biopharma Provides Update on Development of TriKE(TM) Therapeutic for Treatment of COVID-19 Infection

Cecelia Health Providing Critical Telehealth Support to Diabetes Specialty Clinics in Partnership with the Helmsley Charitable Trust

GT Biopharma Advances To Dose Level 3 with TriKE(TM) FDA Phase I/II Clinical Trial

Mellitus Health Names Steve Wubker Chief Executive Officer

GT Biopharma Announces Completion of $5.6 Million Bridge Financing

New AR Display From Ostendo Capable Of 150 Degree Field Of View At Low Cost

PureForm Global Signs Strategic Agreement to Distribute Products Containing PureForm CBD™ to More than 10,000 Retail Stores in the U.S.A.

Third European Country Purchases Wrap Technologies’ BolaWrap | Wrap Technologies, Inc.

GT Biopharma Announces Dosing Of New Patient In GTB-3550 TriKE(TM) Phase I/II Clinical Trial

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Deploys Wrap Technologies’ BolaWrap | Wrap Technologies, Inc.

Importance of Patient Matching in Fighting COVID-19

GT Biopharma Announces Commencement of Retreatment of Patient Demonstrating Successful Clinical Benefit following GTB-3550 TriKE(TM) therapy

GT Biopharma up 20% on plan for coronavirus treatment

4medica and KPI Ninja Launch COVID-19 Alerts and Reporting Solution™ to Identify At-Risk Patients to Support Treatment and Prevention Efforts

Leading Stanford Alumni Scientists and Physicians Launch StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force

Wrap Technologies Receives Significant New International Orders

ILiAD Biotechnologies BPZE1 Pertussis Vaccine Reaches Full Enrollment In 300-Subject Multicenter Phase 2b Clinical Trial

Egis Portfolio Company MCP Announces Acquisition of URL Integration, Expanding its Data-Integration Capabilities • Egis Capital Partners

Egis Portfolio Company MCP Acquires Black & Veatch’s Public Safety Consulting Business • Egis Capital Partners

4medica Names Jorge Nobregas to Newly Created Position of Senior Vice President of Sales

Boeing to Explore Developing Israeli Ducted Fan Rotor Technology

Boeing partners with Tactical Robotics to develop VTOL tech

Gwyneth Paltrow backs clean cold medicine ≫

Self-flying war vehicle could be in the US as soon as 2022 ≫

Amydis Awarded NIH Ph2A Grant for Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy ≫

The silver lining to Franky Zapata’s cross-Channel flight cloud ≫

Ingenu’s second-coming: claims $2bn pipeline, contract wins, slates rivals ≫

Micro-LED Market 2019 SWOT Analysis by Advancement to 2024 ≫

Sandstone Diagnostics Raises Additional Series A Financing to Accelerate Zero Delay™ Plasma Technology Development ≫

Genexa Provides Parents Cleaner Medicine Solutions for Infants and Children ≫

Global and US EHR-EMR Market will reach nearly USD 42,427.27 Mn in revenues by 2027 ≫

Optos and Amydis Establish Clinical Alliance to Develop Early Diagnostic Test for Alzheimer’s Disease ≫

Michael J. Fox Foundation Grants $7.7M for New Parkinson’s Research ≫

Insulin Algorithms Changes Name To Mellitus Health ≫

Mellitus Health and Smart Meter Announce Strategic Partnership for Connected Insulin Titration ≫

Spinogenix Awarded NIH Grant to Develop Novel Neurorestorative Therapeutics for Alzheimer’s Disease ≫

Spinogenix’s Spine Craft ≫

Genexa Rapidly Cleaning Up OTC Meds for Families ≫


The Merkava or “heavenly chariot” in mysticism is the name given to the first vision of the prophet Ezekiel. The word Merkava is derived from the root word that means ‘to ride.’ In his prophecy, Ezekiel sees the throne or chariot of God supported by the celestial beings and different classes of angels that move to and fro surrounded by bright copper emitting electric flashes of light. The chariot is described as a four-wheeled vehicle and is being driven by the heavenly creatures with the Lord on his throne above. Merkava also refers to the complex process of assembling components. The Merkava may be considered the first high-tech spiritual/material platform through which reality is derived.

At Merkava Holdings, we identify platform-level technologies that will drastically alter the way things are done in multiple disciplines. From companies like Ostendo Technologies that is building the first quantum photonic foundry and affords the ability to control light at the photonic level to SELFA Diagnostics that harnesses the power of the semiconductor to allow real-time, point of care testing of blood and other biological fluids; Urban Aeronautics that has developed a wingless, internal rotor, vertical takeoff, “go-anywhere land-anywhere” vehicle for military and civilian search and rescue missions; Amydis Diagnostics that has produced a small molecule used to detect the presence of amyloid that accumulates in a number of disease states such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Creutzfeld-Jacob, Traumatic Brain Injury and Preeclampsia of pregnancy; Spinogenix has discovered a molecule that improves cognition in traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s Disease and normal animal models by increasing neuronal spine density in the brain. Merkava invests in powerful ideas and infrastructure to help manifest them into reality.


Dr. Werthman is a world-renowned microsurgeon, male fertility, and men’s health expert who brings a unique set of skills, relationships and perspective to the venture capital and investment world. Before going to medical school, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Neuropsychology having conducted original research in exploring how the environment affects neurotransmitters and behavior. Dr. Wetrhman graduated as his medical school’s class Valedictorian and was recognized for obtaining the highest marks in the country of the National Medical Boards examination. From there he went through residency training in the Department’s of Surgery and Urology at UCLA. Dr. Werthman conducted award-winning scientific research and published early articles in gene therapy while working in UCLA’s Liver Transplant Laboratory. After residency, Dr. Werthman pursued a fellowship in Andrology and Microsurgery.

Philip Werthman MD MMH FACS
Founder & President