Merkava Holdings is the investment arm of the Philip E. Werthman Trust. Dr. Philip Werthman is a surgeon, military historian, venture capitalist, inventor and entrepreneur who is investing in and helping early and mid-stage companies grow. His extensive global network of physicians, scientists, businessmen, generals, and military leaders, athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, investors, sports and entertainment executives, and financiers combined with international high-level government relationships allow Dr. Werthman to assemble necessary infrastructure and relationships to grow companies, add value, and distribute products around the world.


To take an active or lead role in companies that have the potential to make a positive impact on humanity leveraging our unique set of skills and relationships that bring new technologies, platforms, and ideas together with the human resources and financing necessary to improve the quality of life globally.


Our focus is on venture stage companies in life sciences, biotech, high tech, wireless, pharma, CBD, software, aerospace, security and defense as well as real estate development and financing.

We target companies with some of the following qualities;

  • Platform technologies that will revolutionize the way problems are solved in biotech, aerospace, wireless communications and semiconductor microprocessing

  • Technologies that will aid in the early diagnosis and management of difficult to treat diseases

  • Pharmaceutical companies focused on organic, natural and healthier medicines and biocompounds

  • Real estate investments in mature projects or development in excellent growth locations acquired at attractive pricing

  • Companies where we can add value through our already existing strong international relationships, global financing and distribution networks.

Dr. Werthman brings his diverse background and business development skills to companies within and outside of the investment portfolio in an advisory or board capacity helping to unlock their potential.


The Merkava or “heavenly chariot” in mysticism is the name given to the first vision of the prophet Ezekiel. The word Merkava is derived from the root word that means ‘to ride.’ In his prophecy, Ezekiel sees the throne or chariot of God supported by the celestial beings and different classes of angels that move to and fro surrounded by bright copper emitting electric flashes of light. The chariot is described as a four-wheeled vehicle and is being driven by the heavenly creatures with the Lord on his throne above. Merkava also refers to the complex process of assembling components. The Merkava may be considered the first high-tech spiritual/material platform through which reality is derived.

At Merkava Holdings, we identify platform-level technologies that will drastically alter the way things are done in multiple disciplines. From companies like Ostendo Technologies that is building the first quantum photonic foundry and affords the ability to control light at the photonic level to SELFA Diagnostics that harnesses the power of the semiconductor to allow real-time, point of care testing of blood and other biological fluids; Urban Aeronautics that has developed a wingless, internal rotor, vertical takeoff, “go-anywhere land-anywhere” vehicle for military and civilian search and rescue missions; Amydis Diagnostics that has produced a small molecule used to detect the presence of amyloid that accumulates in a number of disease states such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Creutzfeld-Jacob, Traumatic Brain Injury and Preeclampsia of pregnancy; Spinogenix has discovered a molecule that improves cognition in traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s Disease and normal animal models by increasing neuronal spine density in the brain. Merkava invests in powerful ideas and infrastructure to help manifest them into reality.


Dr. Werthman is a world-renowned microsurgeon, male fertility, and men’s health expert who brings a unique set of skills, relationships and perspective to the venture capital and investment world. Before going to medical school, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Neuropsychology having conducted original research in exploring how the environment affects neurotransmitters and behavior. Dr. Wetrhman graduated as his medical school’s class Valedictorian and was recognized for obtaining the highest marks in the country of the National Medical Boards examination. From there he went through residency training in the Department’s of Surgery and Urology at UCLA. Dr. Werthman conducted award-winning scientific research and published early articles in gene therapy while working in UCLA’s Liver Transplant Laboratory. After residency, Dr. Werthman pursued a fellowship in Andrology and Microsurgery.

Philip Werthman MD MMH FACS